Where to go on vacation abroad for the first time?

Many people seek to vacation abroad because it gives new knowledge and impressions. For many, learning about the culture of another country helps them get to know themselves better. In addition, a vacation abroad helps to develop erudition and learn a new language. In European countries everywhere know and use English. If you have been learning it for a long time, a trip to a European country can help you pump up your language skills.

Choice of countries for holidays

On your first trip you should choose the most popular countries for recreation in your home country. As a rule, it is Poland, Georgia, Egypt, Turkey and Bulgaria. These countries have developed tourism business, and many of the local population knows the language. Therefore Georgia, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, and Bulgaria are the best countries for adapting abroad.

What is worth knowing about another country?

Every country has its own customs and traditions, which should be respected. There are also rules, non-compliance with which the tourist will have to pay a large fine. To avoid trouble, you should learn in advance about the rules of conduct in another country.

Consider the rules of conduct of tourists in Egypt:

  • It is not allowed to take pictures of objects related to the army, as well as to take pictures of people without their prior consent.
  • It is forbidden to pass customs inspection while intoxicated, it is also forbidden to drink alcohol in the streets.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in a public place.
  • It is forbidden to touch women, especially against their will.
  • You can not drink water from the tap or use it to brush your teeth, because its quality is not very good.
  • It is worth haggling in bazaars, because it is a tradition.
  • The staff should leave a tip, even in an all-inclusive hotel. It is an expression of gratitude to people.
  • No antique items should be taken out.

There are also rules of conduct in the hotel, on the sea and in behavior with locals. You can find out about these rules from your guide.

Some tips for visiting countries for the first time

Arriving on vacation in Turkey, it is worth watching your gestures and behavior. For example, turning your head to the left and right in our country is considered a sign of denial, but in Turkey – it means not understanding what the interlocutor says. In this country it is customary to hold cutlery and greet with the right hand only, the left hand is considered “unclean”.

When sitting down do not show the soles of your shoes to your interlocutor, because it is considered an insult. Women should not show their thumbs up, this gesture is used by Turkish prostitutes when enticing clients.

In Georgia there are some rules of decorum when celebrating something. For example, there should be silence at the table when someone makes a toast. Permission to make a toast in turn must be asked of the toastmaster.

In Poland it is considered impolite to address a stranger by his name or by his occupation, e.g. waiter. The best way to address a stranger is to use the word “pan”.

Somewhat different manner of behavior in Bulgaria, in this country do not like to haggle. If a tourist wants to bring down the price traders may take offense and just call you petty. Do not walk in the gypsy quarter, which is almost every city in Bulgaria. You can lose your wallet and jewelry.

Despite the fact that grapes are grown everywhere in this country and many wineries should not be carried away by alcoholic beverages. You should not use the words chicken, chicken meat or smoking, because in Bulgarian “chicken” means indecent expression. In this country you should not be in a hurry. If you hurry the saleswoman in the store you will be simply perceived as a rude person. Also, do not be scandalized or emotionally prove something, which is also a rude tone.

Each country has its own way of behavior. What is absolutely ordinary in one country may be a sign of insulting your interlocutor in another.

Summing up

Going on vacation abroad it is worth choosing the most popular destinations of your fellow countrymen. It is necessary to think in advance what you will take with you and what you really need. Before the trip is worth learning about the customs of the country and what tourists should not do – it will help to avoid trouble.