The Dominican Republic is a paradise on Earth

Want to spend your long-awaited vacation abroad in paradise? Dominican Republic is a great option!

Holidays in the Dominican Republic – it’s magnificent beaches, exotic unspoiled scenery around and a rich infrastructure. The Dominican Republic is the best vacation for everyone all year round. It is worth noting that the Dominican Republic, in addition to a great beach holiday acquaints you with the wonderful world of local flora and fauna, and the friendliness and good-natured disposition of the local population – you will surely love it! And, and this is not all the reasons to spend your vacation in the Dominican Republic. Only here you can try a lot of exotic food and drinks that have no analogues in other countries.

Climate of the Dominican Republic

As already mentioned, holidays in the Dominican Republic can be planned all year round. Here you will not see frost or snow, and the water temperature does not drop below 23 degrees. For the Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, so if you are planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic, keep in mind that from May to September it is rainy season, which is often accompanied by storms and hurricanes. Often in this period, which is considered low tourist season you can catch a very good deals last minute tours to the Dominican Republic.

October-March is the high tourist season. At this time you can spend your holiday in the Dominican Republic in paradise. High season pleases with excellent weather, warm water and hot sun, and during this period is a lot of different carnivals and events. But it should be noted that the rest in the Dominican Republic prices will increase significantly.

Nature of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is widely known for its rich flora and fauna. Exotic plants and a large number of animals which you have never seen will stay in your memory forever!

Dominica has beautiful white sandy beaches, clear crystal clear water, amazing rainforests and divine coconut groves. A large number of exotic birds, mysterious humpback whales perfectly complement the paradisiacal atmosphere, and make your holiday in the Dominican Republic is truly magical.

Dominican Republic – the best vacation!

Everyone will be able to spend an unforgettable holiday in the Dominican Republic! In addition to the abundance of entertainment, everyone can find something to their liking!

During the day most tourists prefer to spend time on the beach, and at sunset there begins a lively nightlife.

Dominica is a great place for lovers of fishing and diving. If you decide to spend your vacation in the Dominican Republic, be sure to visit the famous caves of the Three Ochos. The region of Puerto Plato with its magnificent colonial architecture and unique amber museum is a great place for history lovers.

But above all enjoy the demand for tours to the Dominican Republic, thanks to the magnificent beaches with white sand. The most beautiful beaches, as evidenced by the holidays in the Dominican Republic reviews, are located in Punta Cana. This resort is often chosen by newlyweds for their honeymoon. In addition to this resort, popular resorts: Juan Dolio, La Romana, Puerto Plata.