The best tours in Turkey – Antalya Coast

Turkey is a very diverse country. Travelers have been coming here for decades – and every year there are activities, excursions, resorts and attractions they haven’t seen yet. We have prepared a list of the best excursions on the Antalya coast, which are very much loved by our tourists.

The ancient city of Termessos

The site is located 34 km from Antalya in the vast Helluca National Park. You have to travel 9 km from the entrance of the reserve to Termessos, not a long way, but worth it. Together with the tour you will get to this place by bus. The site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Termessos itself is almost 1 km high and is thus called the “Eagle’s Nest”. It is a must-see site: the ancient theater, the temples of Artemis, Hera and Zeus, the colonnade, the city council building, the underground cisterns, Hadrian’s Gate and the tomb of Alketes. One thought that you walk through the ruins of the ancient city, which even Alexander the Great couldn’t take, gives you goosebumps!

In the reviews, our tourists note that there are no cafes or hotels. So be sure to stock up on snacks and drinks. Instead, the city offers incredibly scenic views, fabulous atmosphere, silence and solitude and complete immersion in the “life” of an ancient fortress.

Köprühlü Canyon

A national reserve and just a very beautiful place – you can walk in the shade of wild olive trees, red and black pines, firs and cedars. It is also home to the largest cypress forest in Turkey and is home to over 100 different species of birds and animals, from deer and wild boars to bears and wolves.

Underground springs feed the Kopra River, forming one of the brightest natural areas in Turkey. The water here is so pure that you can safely drink it. Be sure to visit the bridge Oluk – it was built in the 2nd century AD and is still relevant – you can even drive across it.

Excursions may include rafting – downhill on the mountain river, horseback riding, mountain climbing and visiting the karst cave “Altynbeshik Magarashi.

On the territory of the canyon many cafes with national cuisine and local fish, and some sightseeing programs includes lunch in one of these institutions.

Pamukkale and Lake Salda

Pamukkale is a unique creation of nature under UNESCO protection. A true “wonder of the world”! There are 17 geothermal springs with healing properties. People often come here to improve their health, soothe the nervous system and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. And, of course, to make unrealistically beautiful photos on the background of snow-white and azure pools.

On the tour you will also visit Lake Salda, one of the main attractions of Turkey. The therapeutic mud on the shore is very useful for problem skin and the musculoskeletal system. You can swim in Cleopatra’s pool and “rejuvenate” yourself.

Pamukkale is 240 km from Antalya, so it is a long way from the hotel, a few hours. But it is definitely worth it!

The antique city of Olympos and the ancient lights of Chimaera

Olympos is located 70 km from Antalya at the foot of Tahtali Mountain. The city itself is built in a long narrow harbor, which used to be a full-fledged river where ships sailed.

The height of Tahtali is more than 2500 meters: there is a funicular leading to the top. There is a tourist base Olympos Teleferik – you can spend the day walking around the area, stop by the restaurant and get a charge of emotions from a paraglider or paraglider flight.

Chimera is one of the most incredible wonders of Turkey. Here fiery torches of natural gas have been beating from cracks in the rocks for many thousands of years.

The tour may include rafting, a yacht cruise to Fethiye, fishing in local lakes and rivers, and hiking.

The ancient city of Aspendos

Aspendos is located in the Serik district 50 km from Antalya. The tour program often includes visits to other attractions in the region: the ancient city of Perge, the ancient city of Side, a cruise on the river and a visit to the waterfall Manavgat.

Aspendos is also home to the best-preserved ancient theater in Turkey. Every summer, it hosts an opera and ballet festival. Walk through the ancient ruins of the Basilica and the Agora, visit the largest aqueduct in Turkey and visit the Necropolis – the sarcophagi and tombs are very well preserved.

Kaleici and Düden Falls

An excursion to Kaleici will allow you to look at Antalya from a completely different perspective. The first thing that catches your eye in the Old City is the dramatic difference from the rest of Antalya. After the authorities carried out reconstruction works Kaleici became very popular among tourists. There are intertwined different eras: the Roman buildings, mosques and towers, narrow streets and old houses. And what is worth the pier with views of the mountains and the sea – just a fairy tale!

You will see Jumhuriyet Square, explore the mosques of Iskele and fill your lungs with the purest sea air at Kaleici Marina. The tour may also include a visit to Hadrian’s Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Mevlevihane Monastery and a trip to the lower and upper cascading waterfalls of Düden.

The lower Duden waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Streams of water fall from a height of 50 meters directly into the Mediterranean Sea. The most convenient way to see the waterfall is from a special viewing terrace in the park – be sure to take a photo as a memento.