Holidays in Bali: the best resorts.

The island of Bali – a tropical exotic of Indonesia, which will introduce you to a lot of very interesting and beautiful places. Whichever resort area, you do not pick up the tour, holiday in Bali will be unforgettable.

The closest beach to the airport is located in the village of Kuta. Beach holidays in Bali in this place is just perfect, because not for nothing this village is considered the unspoken capital of surfing, and here you can be trained in this extreme occupation.

Places to visit

Kuta – a great option for active youth recreation, because there is a huge number of affordable hostels, nightclubs and all kinds of cafes.

Moreover, Kuta – this is the place, which once again proves that a vacation in Bali can go great, as people with average incomes, and who do not save money on holidays and travel. After all, in addition to budget hostels, you can find luxury hotels, charming villas and other elite accommodation options.

Not far from Kuta is another popular resort – Seminyak, which has a very developed infrastructure and a huge number of entertainment facilities. Seminyak considered a respectable place, and if you are planning to buy a cheap trip to Bali, this place is not for you! Here a huge number of chic expensive restaurants, an abundance of places for shopping and recreation.

It is worth noting that the trip to Bali – this is your chance to review your world view, to change yourself, both outwardly and spiritually. The magnificent nature of Bali, a large number of spa procedures in the hotels and the highest level of service contribute to relaxation, inspiration, and ease.

Nusa – Dua

Another exotic paradise in Bali is Nusa – Dua, which is located in the south of the island. Beach holidays in Bali in this place will amaze you with its variety, because thanks to the magnificent coral reefs beaches are protected from waves, which is a definite advantage if you are planning a holiday in Bali with children, romantic vacation in Bali for two. In Nusa Dua are the best hotels in Indonesia, which will provide the best holidays in Bali and offer the highest level of service.

Nusa – Dua – is a separate paradise in Bali, because it is the only resort area where the entrance of the local population is prohibited. Nusa-Dua has its own entertainment centers, a huge shopping center, its own theater and transportation.

I would like to recommend you, planning to spend your holiday in Bali in Nusa-Dua, you must visit the fairy show with dancers, acrobats, gymnasts, who introduce the culture of Indonesia. Believe me, you will be delighted!


Tours to Bali – this is the best option for people who want to relax body and soul, enjoy fresh seafood. This is what is known Jimbaran – another paradise, for those who are planning a beach holiday in Bali. Given the fact that Jimbaran is in a bay, the approach to the water is gentle and the ocean is calm. Therefore, this resort will be a great option for people who go on vacation in Bali with children.

Wanting to save money, pay attention to last minute tours to Indonesia. A great option would be the resort of Sanur. It will provide an unforgettable vacation in Bali, as families with children and active young people. Sanur is a bustling shopping streets, surfing schools, while the resort itself is quite calm.

Lovers of exoticism, choosing a tour to Bali, you should pay attention to Ubud – the most unusual town, which is located in the thick forest high in the mountains. The local population honors the cultural traditions and protect the nature. People come to Ubud to rest their souls.