Beach holidays in the Maldives

If you want a serene vacation, the Maldives is the best place for it. Their main value – the magnificent beaches and mesmerizing nature. Snow-white sand, transparent warm waters of the Indian Ocean, tropical plants and animals attract tourists here.

What are the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives?

The largest natural island in the Maldives is Kanuhara. It has picturesque vegetation, which can be admired endlessly. Great entertainment will be boating. You can also have a romantic dinner and a picnic. The beaches are snow-white, perfect for water activities.

Angsana Ihuru, like the previous beach, has no breakwaters. The nature of the island is rich with exoticism. Villas offer a magnificent view of the ocean. The island as if created for honeymooners and anyone who loves privacy.

One of the most beautiful island resorts in the Maldives is called Nika. The place of attraction for tourists is the diving center. You can see packs of sea animals, turtles and even sharks or explore caves. The nature of the island is an abundance of bananas, orchids, water lilies. There is also a picturesque transparent lagoon on Nika.

There is a diving center on the small island of Fonimagudu. Under the water you can see a variety of tropical wildlife. The island is framed by greenery, there is a botanical garden.

On Mudhu you can see the glow of phytoplankton. It is a true paradise of the sea with a variety of nature. And Phulandu is designed to be peaceful. There is a sand spit in the west and a jungle in the middle.

Features of the beaches of the Maldives

  • This is a Muslim republic, so you can sunbathe in bathing suits only on special beaches;
  • in protected areas on the sand walk barefoot;
  • fishing must be allowed;
  • corals and starfish cannot be taken;
  • heeled shoes will only be needed in the hotels.

In the Maldives, the sky becomes an extension of the ocean. Here you can combine different types of activities – ecotourism, underwater adventures and relaxing on the beach.